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Featured Product of the Week: Shea Butter Hand Mask

Featured Product of the Week: Shea Butter Hand Mask

Our Featured Product of the Week is our Shea Butter Hand Mask. Your hands do a lot during the summer. Temps are higher, you’re outdoors more, you’re swimming, you’re BBQing. All that heat, sun, chlorine, and smoke can dry out your hands. There’s a way to handle anything summer throws at you. 

With our Shea Butter Hand mask your hands will be looking and feeling fantastic. Natural shea butter reduces fine lines, licorice root extract, ginger, and mineral oil go deep to give you lasting hydration. Even the driest hands will feel soft and nourished.

The Shea Butter Hand Mask is effective and easy to use. Put your hands inside the gloves and wait while the all natural ingredients go to work. In less than half an hour, you hands will be like smooth and supple. You can feel good about using these masks as they are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and are cruelty free.

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