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Featured Item of the Week: Watermelon Lip Mask

Featured Item of the Week: Watermelon Lip Mask

Soon is offering a Featured Product of the Week. This week our Watermelon Lip Mask is on sale for 20% off.

It’s officially the first week of summer. Time for sun, sand, sweat, and saltwater (Yes!) and the dehydration that comes with them (No!) Naturally you up the water intake in summer but you will want to up the hydration for your skin. So along with your outdoor activities, add sunscreen before, water during, and a mask after to restore hydration. Particularly for your lips.

The skin on your lips is thin compared to the rest of your body (three layers as opposed to 16) and does not have sweat glands. The usual layer of oils and sweat which smooth and protect the skin aren’t on your lips so they dry out faster and become chapped easily. Our Watermelon Lip Mask is ideal for sun-parched skin because it hydrates and treats the entire mouth area.

Soon’s Watermelon Lip Mask is packed with goodness. Watermelon is a natural free-radical fighter and contains Vitamins A & C for strengthening natural collagen and elastin. Glycol gently exfoliates dry skin and aloe vera softens the skin. The lip mask is gentle enough for sensitive skin and can be used every day. The result is a soft, smooth, summer ready pout.  

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