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Happy National Inner Beauty Day

Happy National Inner Beauty Day

Happy National Inner Beauty Day! National Inner Beauty Day began in 2017 and focuses on raising awareness and supporting victims of human trafficking. Every person has a story that expresses who we are individually. Our strength lies in embracing our story unfiltered through other’s definition of beauty. When we live a life that reflects our core values, we give the world the gift we were born to give. 

We know we’re a beauty brand but there is more to all of us than what is on the outside. Soon was founded by women, and is here for women, to encourage women to live by their values and reach for their own dreams and aspirations. Our products and masks aren’t merely for aesthetics (which is obviously when you’re wearing one) but taking time to care for, be kind, and nurture ourselves. We all deserve a little TLC. 

Soon supports the aims of National Inner Beauty day to bring beauty and wholeness to a world that doesn’t always understand its own self worth. We challenge you to join this cause and express your own #InnerBeauty.

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