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The Solutions for Younger-Looking Eyes (Starting Now)

The Solutions for Younger-Looking Eyes (Starting Now)
Ok, look: your eyes command the most attention on your face. But the problem is, they're also the most sensitive. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your whole body. It's thin, it's sensitive, and it loses collagen quickly, which means eyes get wrinkles easier than the rest of your face.
Also, the area around your eyes gets a whole lot of abuse. We rub our eyes, put tons of makeup around them, sleep on them, and scrunch them. So it's no wonder that, when we feel tired, our eyes show it. Here are three things you can do to get younger-looking eyes now:
1. Sunscreen - I know we say this a lot, but how often do you put sunscreen around your eyes? Many of us avoid putting sunscreen around our eye area for fear that it will actually get in our eyeballs and sting, but if you're careful, that shouldn't happen.
2. Hydrate - Lotion in the morning and evening isn't going to cut it. We're talking deep hydration. This is where eye patches come in. Lotion won't penetrate past the top layer of your eyes, so you need to wear eye patches that press serum deeper into your eye area. Hydration is key to warding off wrinkles.
3. Replenish and repair – Your eyes will be subject to a ton of environmental damage that can cause premature aging. Healthier skin has a better chance of fighting off that damage. By infusing your skin with the nutrients it needs to recover, you can help it stay healthy, strong, and glowing. Choose eye skincare repair that will help do just that.
Young-looking eyes are the key to a younger-looking face. Follow the above three suggestions to get a head start on turning back the clock.