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Holy Sheet (Mask)

Holy Sheet (Mask)

Sheet masks are ubiquitous on most of social media stories, beauty editorial roundups, and cosmetic shops. Besides looking odd and a little Jason Voorhees horror movie murderer-y—  What’s the big deal? There’s a method to the sheet mask madness in that they offer unique benefits other face treatments don’t. 

How are sheet masks different from other masks?

Unlike traditional face masks, sheet masks are a physical cotton, fiber, or gel mask soaked in a serum solution that lays on top of your skin. The sheet is excellent for sealing in the serum ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which prevents them from immediately evaporating. While other face masks (such as clays or pastes) are more beneficial for controlling oil production or acne, the upside of sheet masks is they hydrate and moisturize the skin. You’ll give your skin an extra boost of glow and plumping up. Plus when you refrigerate mask prior to use you get an all-over cooling effect. A day spa for your face.

Additionally, sheet masks are sanitary, as they are in single individual use vacuum sealed packets. They are convenient in that you won’t have to rinse your face after, you rub in the excess solution/serum and go. This is what makes them so popular for wearing on a plane or traveling. You’re not breaking the bottle of your favorite serum or having them confiscated by TSA (we hope).  

How to use?

While everyone’s face size and shape are different, sheets are one size fits all. The best way to ensure the mask fits well is to start by applying the forehead section first and pressing down from cheeks to chin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, remove mask, and voila! You have the skin of a baby angel. Sheet masks are generally recommended as a treat once a week to moisturize and hydrate your face. They’re also great for a special event and as needed for excessive dryness, like during or after a flight or a dry windy day. But by all means, go wild and wear once a day if you’d like, most masks are gentle enough for daily use.

How is Soon different?

Soon Skincare wants to help women achieve youthful, healthy, glowing skin, by making Korean skincare products that are accessible, easy to use, and created especially to enhance the user experience for women in the US. Soon uses all the natural beneficial ingredients of Korean skincare in consideration of what we think women will like in terms of effects and fragrances. For example, Soon would rather have products that combat dull skin and brighten it instead of whitening which is very popular in Korea.

Soon’s biocellulose masks are an improvement on regular sheet masks as they adhere snugly to skin and perform better than paper counterparts. The masks are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive. Plus Soon skincare products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Soon sheet masks are not odd looking as the rest,  and their only resemblance to a horror movie is skin that’s “to die for”.

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