K-Skincare: What You Want to Know

K-Skincare: What You Want to Know

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It’s safe to say that Korean skincare has swept the world. Affectionately dubbed K-beauty, it’s rooted in innovation and promises of healthy, porcelain skin. At Soon, we’re named after our co-founder Lisa’s grandmother Soon who believed in nurturing her skin. In Korean, Soon means “smooth” and “pure,” a fitting reflection of Korean skincare and our brand. 

What exactly is Korean skincare, you ask? Here’s the scoop. 

It’s inspired by nature. 

Ingredients you’ll often find in Korean skincare products, especially those used at Soon, are natural ingredients that pack a punch in your skincare routine. Ingredients like aloe, marine collagen, vitamin C, raspberry and grapefruit that are rich in restorative, nourishing and beautifying properties. 

A regimen is what you want it to be. 

K-beauty has a reputation. Often associated with having a lengthy, multi-step daily routine, Korean skincare regimens can be as short and sweet, or long and detailed as you want. Healthy skin and visible results are about finding the right products for you and consistency, consistency, consistency! 

Sheet masks reign supreme.

Sheet masks are a Korean skincare favorite. The convenience of sheet mask packaging means they’re more easily incorporated in a person’s daily routine. Sheet masks also bring serums into a mask form, for incredibly potent at-home treatments. The added benefit of this style of masking is the sheet prevents the evaporation of important and ultra-hydrating ingredients, so your skin absorbs more of what it needs. 

Fun fact: Soon Skincare was founded after Lisa and co-founder Kayla were looking for a better experience with sheet masks. Instead of searching the stores, they created sheet masks they wanted to use. (We may be bias, but they nailed it.)