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Supermodel Skin

Supermodel Skin

Precise lighting, makeup artists, hairstylists, professional photographers, photoshop, youth, and blessed genetics, models have a few advantages to looking good the average individual doesn’t in daily life. Nonetheless models have the challenge to keep their bodies and skin in constant excellent condition. It’s great to have resources but when you’re attending multiple shows and shoots, applications and removal of full faces of makeup, travel across continents and climates for jobs, keeping a fresh face is almost a dare. How do models manage? What’s their secret?

It doesn’t take too deep of a dive into social media, youtube, or beauty sites to find out. There are world famous spas, premium facials, cutting edge treatments, and top shelf products. Still, one open secret treatment ubiquitous and accessible to models and the masses alike—applique masks. Whether in sheet mask or patch mask form, if you can stick it on your face, models are sporting them on their stories and pages. Be it a transatlantic flight, lounging in a hotel robe, or a self-care selfie, masks abound.

And of course they do! Masks are an excellent skincare solution. They’re clean and easy to transport, feel fantastic, keep the ingredients right against your face so that after 20 minutes chilling in a makeup chair or on a flight, your skin’s had a boost. Might we suggest you try ours? Soon’s Biocellulose Firming Face Mask with gingko for exfoliating, purslane for omega-3 fatty acids, plus fruit extracts for anti-inflammatory is ideal for evening out texture and tone. To top it off, get yourself that buoyant supermodel pout. The Hydrating Watermelon Lip Mask is packed with vitamins A & C for strengthening your natural collagen and elastin, aloe vera for softening, and glycol for gentle exfoliating. Whether you need to be camera ready at all times or not, your skin can look and feel prime.

(Image via Teen Vogue)

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