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New Shea Butter Hand Mask

New Shea Butter Hand Mask

So much of our communication is done with our hands, but if your hands are rough and chapped, what are you really saying? Most women think nothing of spending good money on skincare; they tend to address the rest of their bodies with a cursory swipe of lotion. But lotion just doesn’t cut it, especially when we talk about body parts that get so much use, like our hands and feet.

Every time you wash your hands (and that’s, hopefully, often), you’re stripping your skin of essential oils that keep it moisturized. Couple that with environmental factors, and your hands can end up looking much older than the rest of you.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce a product to truly address dry, cracked hands and provide lasting relief while giving visible results. Our Shea Butter Hand Mask is formulated using Korean precision. Natural shea butter gets to work reducing fine lines while licorice root extract and ginger combine to impart deep, lasting moisturizer that will keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Here’s the rundown of some of our hero ingredients:

Shea butter–moisturizes dry skin, reduces skin inflammation, restores elasticity, and combats aging

Camellia–powerful antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and an anti-inflammatory

Ginger–promotes circulation, is an anti-inflammatory, and is antiseptic and calming

Schizandea berry–helps skin to be more resilient to signs of aging, is anti-stress response, and helps cleanse toxins

Allantoin–soothes and protects the skin. Helps with healing and stimulating growth of new tissue.

We designed our hand mask to stay on—no matter what. That means whether you’re gardening or cleaning, driving or dining, our masks won’t slip off. And they’re also designed to fit both men and women with all sizes of hands.

You need to try our Shea Butter Hand Mask and treat your hands to these incredible, skin-saving ingredients!