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Photo Ready Skin For The Holidays

Photo Ready Skin For The Holidays

During the holidays the cameras are all out. Holiday parties, family visits, and friend get-togethers, everyone wants to document the memories. In our image obsessed modern culture it can be tiring to have our thoughts revolve around “How do I look?” but also. we want to look good. For posterity. Yes there are filters but your grandma doesn’t know that and she will be posting these online. Plus that one friend is going to pick whichever one she looks best in (you do the same so, fair.)

Here are three ways to get your skin on point for all the photos to come. 

Find Your Light

Good light makes you look like you glow from within. But despite lighting conditions, your skin needs it’s own brightening. Make your skin glow by prepping it beforehand. First by exfoliating dry dead skin cells and second with serious moisturizing. Soon’s Biocellulose Brightening Mask does both and will have your skin dewy and ready for a close up.  

Accentuate Your Features

Pick a feature to play up. Often a pop of color on your lips or shining eyes help you look alive. Eyes are the windows to the soul so help them stand out by reducing puffiness and brightening the skin around them. Soon’s Pomegranate Hydrogel Eye Patch with Collagen diminishes under eye bags and boosts bright eyed look. Help your lips become lush and plump with Soon’s Strawberry Lip Mask with Collagen.   


What works for models, celebs, and influencers alike? Posing. Some time before the party or event, use your phone to practice poses and expressions that work well for you. If you establish a flattering go-to photo pose beforehand, then when you huddle in for a photo op, you know what angles to hit.

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