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Prevent Scars

Prevent Scars
If you've got skin, you've got scars. From the scraped-up knees we had as kids to the stretch marks and post-surgery scars we have as adults, scars are part of our life. While scars are often not a big deal when they occur on your body, scars on your face can cause real embarrassment. Scarring on your face normally comes from acne or from excess sun exposure that leads to discoloration. Here are some handy tips to reduce facial scarring and boost your confidence:
1. Keep it moist – Moist skin heals faster. We know that moisturized skin develops fewer wrinkles, so it makes sense that hydrated skin also helps prevent scars. Using our Biocellulose Anti-Aging Face Mask retains up to 100 times its hydration capabilities and contains powerful ingredients like hydrating Hyaluronic acid, skin tightening Collagen, and free-radical fighting Raspberry Ketones to dramatically transform the appearance of your skin and reduce scarring.
2. Harness the power of aloe vera – If you've ever had a terrible sunscreen, you know that aloe vera is the key to survival. Our Micro-Hole Hydrogel Collagen Face Mask makes it super easy to infuse your skin with high-quality, pure aloe vera.
3. Use sunscreen – Put on SPF 30 fifteen minutes before sun exposure. Make sure at least one product in your facial routine has significant SPF, whether it be foundation, primer, or setting spray.
4. Exfoliate – Obviously, don't exfoliate your skin if you're treating an open wound. Only exfoliate skin that's healed. Exfoliating helps with cell turnover and can make skin smoother. Use our Korean Exfoliating Mitt to easily exfoliate while you're in the shower.
When your skin is moisturized and healthy, it's able to better heal itself. Happy skin means fewer scars—because scars should steal the spotlight.