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Skin Trends

Skin Trends


Skincare treatments and trends these days are only limited by your capacity to spend. With all these options and innovations, what are the real deal investment pieces versus seasonal trend? We break down the good, the bad, and the ugly top four skincare trends to let you know if they’re worth trying.  


One of the biggest shifts in recent years is away from makeup and toward flawless skin. With wellness being a key focus of consumers, the same extends to skin. People are looking toward ways to get a healthy, fuss free, no-makeup glow.

Verdict: Good, so long as it doesn’t make you feel Bad. Health, and skin health is important, as is caring for skin and valuing your natural skin as it is. However, no shame if you aren’t born with the pristine perfect complexion or skin. Bad skin is not a moral failing and happens to the best of us.


The focus on wellness extends toward transparency and more “clean” beauty. Consumers are interested in ingredients and production methods, specifically with an eye toward more organic and cruelty-free ingredients. Plant based “skin natural” brands free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone.

Verdict: Good. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, it’s important what you put on it as much as in it. This is a big reason why Soon uses fruit extracts and is free is sulfates, phthalates, and parabens.


Dermarollers, face massaging tools, light therapy masks, and microcurrent devices aren’t just for the dermatologist’s office. Portable user friendly skin tech devices are available anywhere from Target to Barney’s. Poke, roll, shine, or pulse your way to the complexion of dreams.

Verdict: Good but could get ugly. We are all for the democratization and accessibility of skincare however, it’s imperative to read the directions and use as directed. This is one area in which overdoing it could aggravate and negatively impact your skin.   


Masks, masks everywhere. All kinds of masks for all parts of the body. Traditional face masks continue to be huge in the skincare space but masks are expanding in both scope and where you put them. Masks with all types of ingredients offering multiple skincare solutions. Masks for chest, neck, hands, mouth, cuticles, even down there...we meant everywhere. You name it, there’s likely a mask for it.  

Verdict: Ugly, but good! Wearing masks looks ugly but results in great skin. You know we support face, eye, and lip masks for their tried and true tangible results. Results in other body parts may remain to be seen but so long as the ingredients are safe, go wild and branch out. 


I recently moved cross country and my skin is not pleased. The climate, water, and altitude are all different and my skin is still adjusting. There are times in life when we get sick, stressed, or lose sleep and even the best or clearest of skin takes a turn or acts up. What’s to be done then?


Adequate moisture is essential in preventing dull and disturbed skin. Make sure you have the correct moisturizer for your climate and your skin type. You may need a thicker formula for drier areas or a stronger SPF. Even oily skin needs light weight and oil free moisturizer for balance. It’s also important to keep your lips hydrated and smooth.  


Maybe your skincare concern is a bother but let’s down play the negative and play up what’s going well. There are various products that help redirect such as highlighter, bronzer, mascara, or lipstick. Bags under your eyes? Highlight your cheeks. Sick or under the weather? Bronzer to warm up the complexion or a bright lip as contrast. Skin looking less than lovely? A little mascara to open your eyes or a lip color to draw the attention to your mouth.

To eliminate the negative, your could go the route of primer, foundation, powder and full cover up. Although you may not want to not load up on extra product if your skin is aggravated. A BB cream acts as a filter while still protecting with SPF and moisturizing without multiple steps or a little concealer can take care of the just the problem area.


An excellent topical solution is sheet masks. Refrigerate the masks and the cool contact can help with inflammation while enriching your skin with extra nourishing ingredients. The boost of vitamins and antioxidants help repair and soothe skin. Your eyes may have bags, you may have the pimple or two but the overall complexion has a little more glow and plump.


Before bringing out the heavy artillery, give it time to adjust with gentle treatments and ingredients. Change can take time so while your skin is still figuring itself out.


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