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Skin Type: Combination

Skin Type: Combination
Secret combinations are all the rage—they can unlock doors, reveal secret treasures, and can be rad cults with cool outfits. But if you have combination skin, more than likely you're just confused. Do you treat the dry parts or the oily parts? Do you use one product or multiple products? We're here to clear things up (literally). And you're in good company: this skin type is the most common type there is!
Like it sounds, combination skin is a beautiful complexity of multiple skin textures, from dry to oily. More than likely, your face is oily in the "t" zone (your nose, chin, and forehead) and dry over the rest of your face.
Wash gently
Choose the most gentle cleanser you can. Do not choose a cleanser with a built-in exfoliator (like irritating beads). 
Both your oily zone and your dry zone require moisture, even though it seems counterintuitive to moisturize your oily skin. In fact, the right moisturizer will eventually help regulate sebum production, and you'll notice less difference between the t-zone and the rest of your face.
We recommend using our Biocellulose Firming Face Mask to help regulate your entire face and improve skin tone and texture. With regular masking, you'll protect your skin, regulate its oil production, prevent damage from UV rays, and prevent the further development of fine lines and wrinkles. 
Combination skin is the best of both worlds! With proper care and keeping of this common skin care type, you can have glowing, radiant, more regular skin.