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Skincare Terms: Vegan

Skincare Terms: Vegan
It's time for our next skincare term—"vegan." You're probably most familiar with this term from your friends (if you don't have any vegan friends, you can borrow a few dozen of mine) who started out as vegetarians and then made the leap to veganism. 
Being vegan means not only not eating meat, but also not consuming any animal-derived products. Cheese, eggs, yogurt, and butter are all examples of foods that come from animals. Some vegans also choose not to consume products that come from any living creature, like fish eggs or honey.
When skincare is marked "vegan," you can be sure that it contains no ingredients that come from animals. That doesn't mean, however, that the product is cruelty free: just because a product doesn't contain animal-derived ingredients doesn't mean that it isn't developed using animal testing, so make sure that the product is clearly labeled "cruelty free."
Most of Soon Skincare's products are vegan, and they're all cruelty free. Our only non-vegan ingredient is marine collagen. If you're vegan and finding vegan skincare is important to you, try any of our non-collagen products.
We love animals and make every effort to use vegan ingredients whenever possible.