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Skincare with the Kiddos

Skincare with the Kiddos

Thanks to COVID-19, you're in charge of school, activities, meals, and discipline. Oh, while probably also holding down a full-time job and trying not to go insane. So how are you supposed to set aside self-care time when you're caring for everyone else all the time? 

We've got an idea: instead of trying to sneak away (which is hard to do under quarantine), incorporate your kids into your skincare routine.

Our products are great for kids and totally safe. Here are three ways you can have your kids join you while you take care of your skin.

1. Lip masks

Our lip masks smell incredible and help chapped lips feel so much better. But here's a tip: they're also great for getting some peace and quiet. To stop quarreling, slip a yummy-smelling lip mask on your kiddos and give them something to color while they wait for the lip mask to seep into their skin. Finally: quiet.

2. Eye masks

Eye masks certainly look silly to kids. But our eye patches are a fan favorite for a reason: they feel incredible and nourish the entire eye area. Have your kids place one or two eye masks anywhere on their face and then invite them to make up their own characters. You may just find yourself the leader of a superhero group that fights dry skin.

3. Hand and foot masks

Little hands and feet can get dry and cracked from running around all day testing your nerves. For a fun, calm movie night, slip some tootsies in our nourishing foot masks and then—to prevent your kids from whacking each other in the face during the movie—put their hands in our hand masks. You might just experience the calmest movie night yet!