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Skinscopes: Cancer

Skinscopes: Cancer

We know how people get curious with horoscopes, so we’re bringing you Skinscopes, where we recommend Soon skincare based on your astrological sign.

Coming up on Cancer time (June 21-July 22), let’s connect with these compassionate crabs that are the heart of the zodiac.  

Cancer Profile= Intuitive, Emotional, Compassionate

Strengths: Unconditional loving, compassionate, nurturing, and supportive

Weaknesses: Dependent, passive aggressive, crabby, can’t let things go

Likes: Helping, water based relaxation, connecting with friends, homebodies, art

Dislikes: Criticism of loved ones, sharing personal life, strangers

Cancer’s desire to feel loved and appreciated because they love and appreciate others. They like to feel safe and secure and it’s important for them to create a physically and emotionally cozy environment. Like a crab they have soft insides and may retreat in their shell to hide their depth of feeling or to avoid revealing much about themselves. They become broody and moody if their needs aren’t met (they can intuit what’s going on with you, why can’t you do the same?) Cancer’s have high emotional intelligence and intuition and focus in on the heart of the issue and trust it without judgement.

Soon recommends: Cancer’s love to reach out and connect to others, our Shea Butter Hand Mask makes them soft on the outside as they are inside.
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