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Small Changes for Great Skin Health

Small Changes for Great Skin Health

Hallelujah for the new year! Almost 200 million Americans make resolutions at the start of each year, and they focus primarily on their health and financial wellbeing. While your resolutions may involve caring for your body and your bank account, don't overlook the importance of caring for your skin. 

You may think we're here to deliver 15-step skin regimen that you'll need to stick to for the next few decades, but research on incorporating good habits all shows that the best way to make big changes over the long run is to incorporate small changes now. So if you're struggling to care for your skin and feel intimidated at the thought of sticking to a routine, don't worry: we've broken great skincare into small, easy steps. 

You don't need to use all our tips at once to improve your skin's health. Instead, try incorporating one tip for a month until it becomes routine, then add another suggestion from the list. Repeat until your skin regimen isn't a chore, but rather a habit. 

Small skin habits that make a big difference

1. Thoroughly remove your makeup

This is a great first habit to build because not properly removing makeup causes acne, premature signs of aging, and a host of other skin issues. If you do nothing else, at least get into a habit of fully removing your makeup at the end of each day. You don't even need to purchase an expensive makeup remover: use Sweet Relief Makeup Removers, soak them in water, and fully remove your makeup. 

2. Exfoliate

After you've mastered the first tip, try gently exfoliating your face to unclog pores and encourage circulation. This is a great habit to get into, and it's especially easy to do with the Korean Exfoliating Mitt because you can exfoliate while you shower. Make sure your makeup is removed and your face is clean, then gently rub the mitt over your face to remove dead skin.

3. Apply Vitamin C + E

Vitamin C (combined with Vitamin E) is a fundamental part of any skin routine. This essential nutrient protects against damaging free radicals, lightens dark spots, evens skin tones, and even reverses the effects of sun damage. Apply Vitamin C + E every morning, then follow it up with...

4. Protect

It's crucial to get into the habit of using a broad spectrum SPF each day. This is an easy step to skip, but it's one that makes a tremendous difference in the long-term health of your skin. It's especially important to apply SPF after using Vitamin C + E every morning to boost the efficacy of UV protection. 

5. Use marine collagen

A single concentrated, ingredient-rich serum does more good than a handful of low-quality products. That's why our concentrated marine collagen serum is our tip for a small change that will deliver visible results. Get into the habit of applying Mermaid Marine Collagen Serum to your skin every evening to strengthen your skin and deeply hydrate for a healthy glow.

There you have it: five simple tips that equal incredible long-term results. They're not difficult, but when performed regularly, they'll make a big impact on the health of your skin. And that means stronger, radiant skin that will shine through the years ahead.