Solutions for Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Solutions for Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Don't panic! Even though the holidays are just around the corner and your shopping isn't done, there's still time to give a great present. Here are three solid ideas for last-minute ideas.
It's scientifically provable that time speeds up the closer it gets to Christmas. That's just fact. So if it's approaching December 23rd and you still haven't gotten your gifts squared away, we won't blame you. Plus, there's always that awkward scenario of getting a present from someone you hadn't put on your list—now you're in gift debt, and you can't just run order the perfect present overnight. Here are three solid ways to give great last-minute gifts:

1. Write an IOU

Ok, this sounds dumb. But if you do it correctly, this can actually be a charming gift. Grab a cute holiday card (or make your own) and writea little explanation on the inside. Something along the lines of, "I didn't want to presume, so this year, you're getting an IOU!" You can even give three ideas for presents, have the recipient circle the one they want, and then give them their selected gift after the holidays.

2. Give a gift card

Gift cards are square-shaped miracles. Ours can be printed out immediately and come in tons of different price points. Print it out on some card stock, slip into a cute greeting card, and voila! Perfect gift.

3. Make a coupon book

The coupon book is ingenious because it makes it seem like you were totally prepared. You can make your own coupon book here and fill it with coupons for hugs, cuddles, a movie night, and even skincare goodies. With a coupon book, the gift is very personalized and meaningful while still giving your recipient something fun to look forward to.