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Here at Soon we believe Valentine’s Day is for sharing love and not limited to sharing romance. Sure Valentine’s Day plays up the romantic love but the people who give you the warm fuzzies or a daily boost aren’t limited to your boo. The most beloved and important people in your life could be a friend, coworker, sibling, grandparent, or a favorite teacher.  

In fact, Ancient Greek had six distinct words for love: philautia, philía, pragma, éros, agápe, and storgē. To honor each of these types love, Soon created Valentine Day Gift Guide for each type and then some. We’ll help you pick out something good for that someone great in your life.


  1. Philautia - Love for one’s own self  

How are you going to love others if you don’t love yourself? Start to show yourself a bit of self love with our Starter Pack.

The Soon Starter Pack


  1. Philia - love between equals, affectionate regard, friendship

For the best friend and confidante who has always stood with you, walked beside you, and gone the distance—these slides make a gorgeous gift.

Steve Madden Greece Slides

  1.  Pragma - A model of love as two people may demonstrate during a lengthy marriage

For those going the long haul in relationships and life, like a grandparents or a long suffering professional dedicated to serving others, they deserve to be treated. Turning a blind eye to other’s faults and nonsense for decades is bound to make their eyes more than a little tired. Offer relief with these soothing eye patches.

Soon Eye Patches

  1. Éros - Love of passion, intimate love

Scent is one of the most primal and powerful aphrodisiacs. This fragrance is luxurious, seductive, and charming—gift it to someone who is too.

Jo Malone Peony & Suede Cologne

  1. Undecided - Like/love and everything in between

Love isn’t always easily defined. You don’t know what type of love this is because it may not be love. It could be strong liking at this point. It could fall into the range: Infatuation, Hot Date, Kissing Buddies, Twitterpated, It’s Complicated, We Don’t Like Labels. You may be undecided in terms of what type of love/like you’re in or undecided about what gift would be appreciated or appropriate. Good news, we have bundles of options fail-safe for any and everyone.

Soon’s Valentine Bundles

  1. Agápe - Charity, to will the good of another, God’s love for mankind

Candles are used throughout cultures in celebration and ceremony to symbolize many things—truth, illumination in the darkness of life, an eternal flame of remembrance, and ethereal godly love. They’re also the perfect gift for that coworker or assistant who is a saint and has covered for you or helped when needed. When other gifts seem too personal or creepy, candles are a godsend. This one looks and smells divine.

Voluspa Japonica Chawan Bowl Two-Wick Embossed Glass Candle

  1. Storgē - Common or natural empathy, like that felt by parents for children or all humans for young mammals that are ‘cute’

You know what comes with being a parent and cute mammals? A lot of STUFF. Whether that cute mammal is a child, kitten, or puppy there is some level of gear involved. Treat a parent to a nice bag to carry all the stuff it takes for those cuties.

MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote