Supercharge Your Mask Routine

Supercharge Your Mask Routine

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Let’s talk masks. There are so many out there—sheet masks, clay masks, charcoal masks, gooey masks, scrubby masks, masks you don’t remove, masks you have to remove after two short minutes. We could go on and on.  

At Soon, masks are our thing. We love their ability to deliver ultra nourishing ingredients to your skin without getting in the way of your lifestyle. And while sheet masks are a Korean skincare must have, adding lip masks, eye patches, and hand and foot masks to the lineup ensures no area is forgotten. With a few tweaks to your mask routine, you can take your treatment experience and results to the next level. 

Try these tips for supercharging sheet masks. 

  • Use them weekly. Masks don’t need to be used daily, but they should be used with consistency just like your other skincare products. Once a week is ideal. We love saving ours for Sunday funday (or those Sunday scaries) to start our week off the right way. 
  • Take them on the go. The best part about masks is their portability. They’re easy to slip in your suitcase or overnight bag, and let you multitask with work and kids. Rumor has it our employees can be caught foot masking during video calls and some moms even wear their eye patches in the school pickup line. We LOVE the dedication to healthy skin!
  • Prep your skin first. You know the drill—if you want better ingredient absorption, exfoliate! We recommend our Polish Pack Exfoliating Wash Cloth and Mitt Duo to exfoliate your face, lips, hands or feet before applying your mask. But because the skin around your eyes is very delicate, skip the scrub before applying eye patches. Instead, cleanse thoroughly to remove all dirt, oil and makeup. 
  • Apply a serum before you mask up. Our masks, made of either biocellulose or hydrogel, are built for locking in serum and preventing evaporation of ingredients. Biocellulose is a natural fiber that can absorb up to 100x it’s dry weight, which means it can be drenched in serum and won’t dry out during use. Micro-hole hydrogel adheres to your facial curves without slipping out of place, pressing ingredients past the first layer of the skin. Boost your results by applying a serum before applying your sheet mask -- that ensures you’re getting the most out of that product.
  • Cool for extra de-puffing. We love this tip for eye patches. Place your eye product in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes then apply the cool product under your eye patches for mega de-puffing and brightening. 
  • Remember your forgotten areas. Masks aren’t just for your face anymore. Try pairing our fan favorite Bioceullose Anti-Aging Face Mask with eye patches or a lip mask. And for those times when you’re propped in front of the television enjoying a glass of wine, add in a foot or hand mask as an extra treat. Pop some gloves or socks on, take the treatment to bed and wake up with super soft hands and feet.