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The Best Time to Mask

The Best Time to Mask

We get lots of questions about masking (which, to be honest, is our favorite thing), but one of the most common questions we're asked is when people should be masking. So let's dive in!

The best time of day to mask

There are two schools of thought when it comes to masking. The first is masking first thing in the morning, which forces you to start your day with a little "you" time (and maybe a little self reflection). Morning masking creates an ideal surface on which to apply makeup, and it also creates a healthy glow that lets you look refreshed and hydrated, even if you didn't sleep well. Your skin can dehydrate easily while you sleep, so a morning mask is a great way to moisturize and replenish your skin.

The other school of thought is traditional evening masking. The benefit to evening masking is that you've likely thoroughly cleansed your skin and prepared it with toner and perhaps even a serum or two before masking, which can allow the serum in the mask to absorb better into your skin. However, if you sleep on your stomach, some of your skincare will rub off on your pillows.

Our take

From a practical perspective, most of us don't have an extra 20 minutes in the morning to apply a sheet mask. However, if you shower in the morning, it's best to apply the mask within five minutes of getting out of the shower while your pores are still open. And if you find yourself waking up with cranky, dry skin, a morning mask may just be the thing to hydrate your skin and prepare you mentally for the day ahead.

We tend to prefer evening masking simply because it helps us unwind and we can prepare our skin for added moisture. Plus, for those of us who shower or bathe at night, it's an easy way to mask while pores are still open from the shower. And it's nice to be able to read a book while masking and incorporate it into a nightly routine.