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The worst way to exfoliate

The worst way to exfoliate
We've all felt the urge to scrub impurities away. After all, if elbow grease cleans a bathtub, maybe a little tough love could clear up acne? 
But you're not a bathtub. 
The truth is that many physical exfoliators on the market exploit your desire to "scrub away the imperfections" knowing full well that their products are much too harsh to be used on the skin. That results in inflammation, micro tears and a damaged skin barrier. And it perpetuates lackluster skin, which only encourages more scrubbing.
Break the cycle.
If your facial scrub contains visible granules, grains, salt, or beads, throw It away. The best exfoliators should be barely felt with bare skin. Turn to products with natural brighteners that will hydrate skin instead of damaging it.
Remember: just becomes a product comes from a reputable company or is backed by a celebrity doesn't mean it's going to do your skin any favors. Focus on hydrating instead of harsh exfoliation, and you'll be amazed at what brightness you uncover.
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