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Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Skincare Products

Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Skincare Products

We don't mean to brag, but...okay, yes, we do. We're going to brag: Soon Skincare products are incredible. We've seen complexions change from using our serums and face masks, and we get reviews every day from customers who say they've finally found their holy grail product.

What if we told you our products can be boosted? It's true: there are easy ways to boost the efficacy of your skincare products. It's easy! Here are three simple things you can do to make boost the magical powers of your favorite products:

1. Use a toner

Toners still have a bad rap. If you think a toner is that harsh, stinging stuff that makes acne worse, we're here to tell you that toner has come a long way. Today's toners are gentle and restore your skin's proper pH.

Good toner prepares your skin to receive skincare products that come after it. If you apply serum without a toner, it simply won't absorb as well as it would if you use a toner. And if you don't believe us, do an experiment and discover for yourself how well a toner amps up your serum!

2. Use lotion as a final step

After you use your serum, go ahead and pile on your favorite lotion. Lotion really only affects the top layer of your skin, so it won't do much to combat fine lines and wrinkles. But using lotion after your serum seals the serum in. That means the serum can absorb deeper into your skin and won't evaporate as quickly.

It's our favorite way to let our Mermaid Collagen Serum perform its magic.

3. Harness the power of steam

Try performing the face cleansing portion of your routine in your shower using warm water. Then, immediately after hopping out of the shower, continue the rest of your skincare routine. Your pores will still be more open from the steam in the shower, and that will your skincare products to absorb deeper into your face. 

It's an easy and totally cheap way to help your skincare products out.

If you've been feeling like your skincare routine is in a rut, try out these three easy skincare tricks. We can guarantee you'll be delighted with the results.