Three Ways To Rule Halloween Makeup And Skincare

Three Ways To Rule Halloween Makeup And Skincare

Learn our three ways to dominate the Halloween skincare game.
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Let's talk about how Halloween is the best holiday to ever exist. Firstly, this is your chance to become the dark queen of fairies that you really are, even though technically you're an account. Secondly, candy. Thirdly, makeup. Fourthly, scaring children. Oh, and there's just nothing better than seeing dogs in costume. This is the best time of year for you...but it's also the most dangerous time of year for skin. Read on to learn our three ways to dominate the Halloween skincare game.

1. Prepare for terror 

You're about to transform into a jawless bog witch. And that means your skin is going to need some prep. It's worth mentioning here that skincare not only helps your skin recover, but can help strengthen your skin to prevent damage from makeup and other stressors. The night before your makeup, prepare your skin with a face mask. That will help your skin resist damage while also making sure your makeup glides on, so you can be the demon princess you were born to be.

2. Recovery 
After a day spent walking around sporting fake blood, buckteeth, and luxe lashes, your skin is screaming. Halloween makeup—especially the kind sold at costume stores—really isn't meant to be worn for very long, and it contains a slew of ingredients that are downright terrifying. It's important to get every bit of that makeup off. 
Start with a makeup remover cloth to remove most of the makeup. Next, use an oil-based cleanser to remove any remaining makeup. Use another round of cleanser just to be on the safe side, then follow up with a serum. Top it all off with a face mask that will encourage recovery and help your skin regain its glow.
3. Turn off the porch light
Alright, so maybe this year, you're feeling more sleepy and less spooky. Why not opt to stay in, sans makeup? Grab a bowl of popcorn, turn on Hellraiser, and relax with a spa-worthy face mask.
No matter which option you choose, we're all for it!