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Too Cool for School: How Air Conditioning Affects your Skin

Too Cool for School: How Air Conditioning Affects your Skin
There's no winter as cold as summer in an office building. If you work in an air conditioned office, you know that the temperature is turned to morgue-like temperatures. If the frigid cold is enough to keep you awake through eight hours of meetings, is it good for your skin?
Nope. Air conditioners remove moisture from the air, which means your skin will feel dry and itchy. In addition to exacerbating issues like eczema and psoriasis, you may notice your face starting to break out. We know that lack of hydration is a major contributor to wrinkles and premature aging, so it will take effort on your part to combat the drying effects of A/C.
Here are some tips for what you can do to keep your skin moisturized and healthy looking in the air conditioning:
1. Keep lotion at your desk – Your hands will dry out quickly, so be sure to periodically apply hand moisturizer throughout the day.
2. Hydrate before leaving – In the morning, prep your skin with a moisturizer and apply your normal SPF (yes, it's still needed, even if you work indoors).
3. Hydrate at night – You've got to have a solid night routine to help keep your skin hydrated. Use a serum followed by a night cream regularly, and use a hydrating face mask at least twice a week.
4. Mask feet and hands – Lotion is great, but for deeper hydration, mask both your feet and hands at least once a week.
5. Drink up – Instead of a lunchtime martini, opt for keeping a bottle of water at your desk. You'll find yourself naturally reaching for the bottle throughout the day, and that will help replenish the moisture leeched by the air conditioning.
You may also want to keep a blanket at your desk to keep yourself warm!