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What's Mermaid Skin?

What's Mermaid Skin?

Mermaid hair has been a big deal for awhile, and now, thanks to Soon’s Mermaid Collagen Serum, so is mermaid skin. You know the look of mermaid hair with it’s easy breezy loose waves and sunkissed highlights— what’s mermaid skin? Mermaids have smooth, poreless, ageless skin that is dewy and soft even out of water.

Ever seen a wrinkled mermaid? No, you have not. Thanks to buoyant underwater atmosphere and marine collagen, you won’t. That’s the same secret to Soon’s Mermaid Collagen Serum. Our serum is packed with marine collagen— which has a low low molecular weight which enables it to penetrate your skin for deep deep sea level hydration. Plus it’s rich in free radical fighting antioxidants which help heal your skin of any maladies. 

The result is healthy, strong, skin which looks like it’s impervious to sun damage, environmental stress, or dehydration. Your skin will look nourished, luminous, and lustrous. You know, like a mermaid.

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