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Why Do Facial Masks Matter?

Why Do Facial Masks Matter?

I’ve talked before about how biocellulose masks are superior to cotton sheet masks, but why do facial masks actually matter? And can they really help our skin?

 We’ve all seen the typical green face mask in movies, and that may be the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the words “facial masks,” but there are so many more options out there for your skin than regular green face masks: like clay, gel, exfoliating, cream, and sheet masks. Sheet masks stand out to me because they are all around easier to use and deliver ingredients into the skin more efficiently.

Sheet masks are all around easier for several reasons, the first being that they are quick and foolproof to put on. Just open the packaging, place the mask directly on your face, peel off any excess backing and let it do its magic for twenty minutes!

 While it’s doing the work on your skin, your hands are free to do whatever you need to do. After twenty minutes are up, remove the mask and pat in any excess serum left over into your skin. So easy! These masks are also convenient because you don’t need to go to the trouble of wiping the product off after it’s been applied, like you would need to do with a clay, cream, gel, or exfoliating mask. That saves an extra step in your morning or night skincare routine. I get lazy sometimes, so I’m all about combining as many steps as possible, but I still want to have amazing results.

You’re probably wondering how sheet masks deliver ingredients into the skin better than other types of masks. The main reason is that sheet masks create a protective/occlusive layer, trapping the serums and ingredients between your skin and the backing of the mask. This allows the product to efficiently work into the skin without evaporation. Also, since you are not wiping this mask off after it’s applied, the ingredients from the mask are still able to penetrate into the skin long after you have used it.

 Masks don’t need to be used every day, but are recommended to be used at least once a week. They can dramatically help your skin look and feel more hydrated, repaired, tightened, and toned. You can basically pop them on whenever you like so that it can fit into any daily routine you have going on.