Why Micro-Hole Hydrogel Makes a Massive Difference

Why Micro-Hole Hydrogel Makes a Massive Difference

Did you know the way luxury serums are delivered to your skin is just as important as the formulas themselves?
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We formulate each of our products with concentrated ingredients designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, where they can get to work fighting wrinkles and evening texture from the inside out. 

But did you know the way those luxury serums are delivered to your skin is just as important as the formulas themselves? That's where our micro-hole hydrogel makes all the difference.


If you've ever used an inexpensive sheet mask, it probably didn't stick to your face very well. That's because most sheet masks rely on fabric-based materials, and that fabric wasn't designed to adhere to skin. Which means you'll have to lie on your back to keep the mask from slipping.

The micro-holes in Soon Skincare's hydrogel masks act as tiny suction cups that gently seal to skin. We also designed the mask in two sections so the mask wouldn't be as heavy, and by applying the top section after the bottom section, the bottom section of the mask is locked into place. That means you're free to live your life as you treat your skin: read a book, do chores, drive to get coffee, etc. The mask stays adhered to your face without sliding.


Aside from slipping, there's another reason micro-hole hydrogel masks are more effective at supercharging ingredients: they force ingredients deeper into the skin. That's vital for making the greatest difference to skin, since the deeper ingredients can penetrate past the skin's surface, the better they can affect change and improvement. 

Cotton masks, on the other hand, are extremely porous. Even if the serum has a great formulation, it's going to evaporate faster than it can be absorbed by your face. That's a waste of money and time, and it ultimately means, even if you see a slight improvement, that improvement is only on the surface of your skin. Remember that the surface of your skin is continually sloughing off, so improving that outer layer isn't very beneficial.

We spent hundreds of hours measuring faces to perfect the final design of our micro-hole hydrogel masks. They're highly adjustable and can be fit over or below the eyebrows to protect microbladed brows.

Once you've tried a hydrogel face mask, there's simply no going back. And once you've seen the way they improve your skin, you won't want to try anything else.