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Why Korean Skincare: Part 2

Why Korean Skincare: Part 2

Editor's Note: In case you missed our original post, make sure you check out Why Korean Skincare

Marie Claire magazine once said that the Korean skincare industry is about 12 years ahead of the rest of the global skincare industry when it comes to innovation. 12 years ahead! 

It's hard to think of a time before seeing sheet masks all over your instagram feed, but those were originally a Korean invention. Your favorite BB or CC cream, also are Korean in origin. Cushion compacts, bubble masks, cleansing waters, essences, modeling masks, and over the counter products that produce clinical results are all among the forefront of Korean skincare. 

Kayla and I are obviously very passionate about Korean skincare, which is why we developed our entire company around making these already incredible products even better for consumers in the US. We also are constantly testing new types of Korean skincare products to determine which ones are must-haves, and which ones aren't worth your time or money! 

Each time we test a product we analyze what we like about it, what we don't, and what ways we wish it would be better. After all of this research we knew exactly how we wanted our first line of products to be. We wanted the sheet masks to fit properly, and stay on during use. We wanted our skin to feel soft, and look glowing after use. We wanted them to smell light and fresh, not like so many of the heavily perfumed products we tried. Most importantly we wanted the ingredients of each product to be safe but still effective. We packed each serum full of healthy ingredients, and got rid of anything else.

Soon our skincare line will be available, and we think that regular use of our products will provide your skin with the vitamins, antioxidants, and carefully selected, naturally derived ingredients that the skin is so desperately craving! 

We can honestly say that we have created products we not only love, we now feel like we can't live without them. We are launching with a line of two types of sheet masks (3 Biocellulose and 2 Hydrogel), two eye patch masks, and two lip patch masks. We also have about 50 more products that are in various stages of testing and development right now that we can't wait for you all to try.

Korean skincare is constantly innovating and changing, and so are we!

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    Lisa Ballstaedt