Why Shea Butter is Great for Overwashed Hands

Why Shea Butter is Great for Overwashed Hands

Don't stop washing your hands—instead, read on to find out how to help them heal.
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You've been wearing your mask when you go outside, social distancing, and washing your hands for 30 seconds multiple times a day. And while all these vital preventative tips are great for you and your family, they're not so fabulous for your skin.

If you've noticed your hands are looking dry, cracked, and older lately, it's likely because of all that hand washing. But don't stop washing your hands—instead, read on to find out how to help them heal.

Why frequent washing causes dry hands

Oil on the surface of your hands helps keep skin moisturized. Every time you wash your hands with soap, you're stripping away that oil. Your skin produces more oil, but because we've all been washing our hands so much more often, our skin doesn't have a chance to produce more oil before it's washed off again.

That cycle of constantly washing away beneficial oil leaves skin raw and irritated. Worse, if you're prone to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, this dry skin will cause painful flareups. 

How to heal your dry hands

No matter how much hand lotion you're slathering on your skin, it's probably not making much of a difference. That's because lotion only affects the outer layer of skin, which doesn't help heal dry, chapped hands.

Instead, make the switch to Shea Butter Hand Masks. By encapsulating your hands in a protective hand mitt filled with thoughtfully formulated, powerful ingredients, your skin has a chance to absorb serum that helps it hydrate and heal.

Shea butter is an especially powerful ingredient in the fight against dry skin. Rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, it's known to help soften, heal, and moisturize skin along with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also stimulates skin’s natural collagen production, which helps prevent premature aging.

Soon Skincare's Shea Butter Hand Mask also contains ingredients such as licorice root extract and ginger that combine to impart deep, lasting moisturizer and will keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. 

Hand masks go far beyond the occasional slather of lotion. Keep washing your hands and doing everything you can to stay safe, and start incorporating hand masks to heal and nourish skin that's suffering from overwashing.