Why Should I Use An Acne Patch?

Why Should I Use An Acne Patch?

Everyone knows the standard advice for managing breakouts: apply something to dry them out, don’t pick and give it time. Easier said than done. 

But that’s where acne patches, a Korean skincare staple, come in. 

What is an acne patch and how do they work?

Acne patches are clear stickers made of hydrocolloid that help breakout-fighting ingredients penetrate directly into your pimple. The patch allows the ingredients fully absorb into your skin, drawing out acne-causing bacteria, and excess dirt and oil. 

The best part? They are so easy to use. Stick it on and then ignore it for 8 - 12 hours (you can even sleep in them). When the clear patch turns white, it’s time to remove and reveal clearer skin.

But why a patch?

In short, patches help pimples heal faster. The patch format completely covers your breakout, creating a barrier from external factors that can worsen your blemish:

  • Prevent the build-up of external bacteria
  • Protect from accidental popping
  • Keep you from picking (we all do it, no judgement) 

What makes Soon Skincare’s acne patches different?

Formulated with the Latest Ingredient Pairings in Korean Skincare:

Our Magnesium Hydrocolloid Acne Patches have an ingredient combination that you won’t find anywhere else. Together, they draw out oil and impurities, soothe the skin, minimize redness and irritation, and reduce breakouts fast:

  • Magnesium to calm and soothe irritated skin while breaking down excess oil and bacteria in the pores
  • Magnesium Oxide to absorb liquids from the skin and balance your skin’s pH 
  • Hydrocolloid to pull toxins from blemishes and accelerate the skin healing process


Multiple Sizes:

Our acne patches come in a box of 24 with two different sizes, so no matter how big your breakout is, we’ve got it covered. They’re easy to wear on the go, are barely noticeable on your skin, and stay put overnight so you can wake up with clearer skin. 

So, the next time you breakout, Spot it, Patch it and Say Buh-Bye.