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Why We Love Korean Lip Patches

Why We Love Korean Lip Patches

If you're like most of us, you spend an actual fortune on lip products. After all, our lips lose the vivid color of youth as we age, so we do everything we can to help our lips look young, plump, and healthy. 

The catch is that most lip products age your skin. Lipsticks have a tendency to dry lips out. Plus, as we age, our lips lose their bold border and develop wrinkles around the edges, which means lipsticks and lipglosses will bleed and crack. That's a messy look that can make lips look older than they are.

Korean lip patches help do two things: counteract the effects of drying to help lips look healthier and deeply hydrate to help prevent the formation of wrinkles.

But if you're thinking, "Wait, I put on lip treatments like crazy! Why should I use a Korean lip patch?" There's a big difference between lip balm and lip masks. Lip balms will momentarily smooth the surface of your lips, and the petrolatum found in many lip balms will briefly make the lips feel hydrated. But within an hour or so, the lip balm will rub off and you'll be back to dry lips.

Korean lip patches get beyond surface level moisturizing to deliver deep hydration. Our lip patches contain a clean ingredient-based serum that's light enough to penetrate into the skin. But just using a serum isn't enough; without encapsulating the serum, it will evaporate before absorbing into the skin.

This is where the premium lip mask material comes in. It adheres beautifully to the entire mouth area, driving the serum deeper and preventing evaporation. Deeper penetration allows for better hydration, and that's key to preventing wrinkles.

Our Strawberry Lip Masks with Collagen contain aloe vera to soothe and soften skin, collagen to to diminish fine lines, plump the lips, hydrate the entire mouth area, and natural fruit extracts to smooth and brighten skin.

Or try our Hydrating Watermelon Lip Masks, which contain vitamins A & C and can help strengthen your natural collagen and elastin as the sun-exposed skin around your lips begins to sag.

No matter which Korean lip masks you choose, they're guaranteed to deliver longer-lasting hydration than lip balms alone. And they smell incredible.