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Why We're Cruelty Free

Why We're Cruelty Free

This is the time of year when bunnies are everywhere—from Easter baskets to decorations. But of all the bunnies we love, our favorite is the one on our packaging. It's the Leaping Bunny Certification, and it means we're committed to keeping our products cruelty-free.

To clarify: animal testing is not used by us, our laboratories, or our ingredient suppliers. At no point in the process of bringing our skincare to market are animals harmed or used to test our products. We just think animals have great skin already: they don't need to exfoliate.

We made the choice to be cruelty-free when Soon Skincare was in the ideation phases. Part of the reason for that was—even though we truly loved the innovation of Korean skincare—it was difficult to know if products or ingredients were being tested on animals. Our goal when creating Soon Skincare was to be transparent about our ingredients and to use ethical ingredients. 

So...why? Primarily because we believe it's our duty as humans to care for the earth. We are its stewards and its protectors. We believe strongly in the interconnectivity of all living things, and so harm to one creature affects us all. Beyond that, it's reprehensible for living, feeling things to be locked in cages for the sole purpose of testing cosmetic and skincare products.

Our products are made of naturally-derived ingredients that are gentle and beneficial to skin. We try them out on ourselves and our friends and family before releasing them to the public, and we make sure they pass quality and safety checks. 

We've seen other brands begin cruelty-free, then capitulate to the testing requirements of other countries so they can begin selling in lucrative markets. We get that they're just doing what they believe is best for their business, but we have already committed to doing what's best for the earth. It's important for us to continue producing responsible products, and we know we can do that without animal testing.

We encourage you to actively seek out products and brands that are also committed to being cruelty-free. Look for the Leaping Bunny logo on packaging and be sure that the products you use do no harm.