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Why You Need a Firming Face Mask

Why You Need a Firming Face Mask

As we age, our skin falls victim to the effects of gravity. But while some people go to the extremes to combat gravity, there's an easier way: use a firming mask.

Our Biocellulose Firming Face Mask utilizes a biocellulose sheet that acts as a second skin to prevent the potent serum from evaporating while pressing it deeper into the skin for maximum penetration.

And that serum? Nothing short of phenomenal. The first thing it does is protect from everyday stressors like pollution and pesticides by strengthening skin from the inside out with the help of ginkgo. That also helps reduce the appearance of crow's feet and minimize laugh lines. Oh, and ginkgo nut also has been proven to protect skin from sun damage.

A firming mask is great for counteracting the sagging that occurs with skin over time. Ours uses purslane to help catalyze cells so they regenerate faster. It also relies on white mulberry, fig, and pomegranate to calm inflammation in the skin.

Another great ingredient is niacinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3 that's been proven to increase cellular turnover (making your skin look younger and giving it a younger glow).

Fig is another power player in this serum, as it counteracts hyper pigmentation and reduces the look of wrinkle depth. It also improves skin brightness.

Using a firming skin mask regularly can lead to younger looking skin and lessen the likelihood that you'll end up with jowls and wobbly, loose facial skin. Regular use of our firming face mask will also strengthen skin so it will be less susceptible to sun damage and environmental stressors. Firmer skin without stealing a space shuttle? Absolutely.