Why You Need a Serum

Why You Need a Serum

With the launch of our Phoenix 15% Vitamin C and E Serum, you may be wondering why serum is worth the investment. And make no doubt: serum is worth the investment. 

With the launch of our Phoenix 15% Vitamin C and E Serum, you may be wondering why serum is worth the investment. And make no doubt: serum is worth the investment. 

While lotions are great for hydrating the surface of your skin, their molecules are much too large to penetrate past the epidermis. That means all improvements are made to the top layer of your skin, and while you may notice a visible hydration,  you're not actually improving the health of your skin on a deeper, more meaningful level. Nor are you preventing oxidative stress, preventable fine lines and wrinkles, and dull-looking skin.

Serums, on the other hand, are specially formulated to consist of tiny molecules that are absorbed past the epidermis. There, they can prevent signs of aging and infuse skin with the nutrients it needs to look healthy.

Lotions also contain fillers that make it thicker and less expensive. Serums, however, are full of active ingredients that are specially formulated to give the biggest long-term benefits to your skin. That makes them the most expensive skincare product you'll invest in, but it also makes serum the most effective product you'll own. They're extremely potent, and that makes them the most important part of your skincare regimen.

Serums are also formulated to address specific skin concerns. For instance, our Mermaid Marine Collagen Serum is unique in that it's made of 46% marine collagen, the highest-grade collagen available. Our Mermaid Collagen Serum is able to better replace lost collagen to help your skin maintain its youthful vibrancy. It also helps smooth out fine lines, so your face will look fresh and rested. Mermaid Marine Collagen Serum should be used nightly to renew your skin.

As for a morning serum, our Phoenix 15% Vitamin C + E serum is ideal for protecting against damaging free radicals, boosting UV protection when used under a broad spectrum SPF, increasing firmness, and fading brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Phoenix is crucial for helping strengthen your skin barrier against environmental damage. By using this daily, you'll see a brighter, more even skin tone and skin that looks noticeably healthier.

Though lotions are great for helping seal in serums to improve their penetration and prevent evaporation, they're not formulated to improve the health or your skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, or prevent damage from everyday life. 

Serums are an essential component of your skincare routine. With regular use, you'll see not only short-term improvements, but long-term improvements, as well. And that's well worth the investment.