Why You Need to use Eye Patches

Why You Need to use Eye Patches

Oh, eye patches. They're the easiest way to treat under eyes, and if you're not a fan already, you will be soon.

There's a good chance you're getting really good at nailing your skincare routine (we see you out there, being spectacular). But one tricky thing about skincare is that it's hard to treat every part of your face in just the right way.

Our under eyes are a great demonstration of what we mean. They're much thinner than every other part of your face—in fact, it's the thinnest skin you have on your entire body—but we tend to treat it the same way as the rest of our face.

Enter eye patches. They're the easiest way to treat under eyes, and if you're not a fan already, you will be soon. Here's why:

1. They treat dark circles

Our eye patches feature niacinamide to brighten dark circles. The special hydrogel eye patch pressed niacinamide and other concentrated serum ingredients into your skin where they can do the most work.

2. They decrease puffiness

Caffeine is a skincare miracle. If you know how good a cup of coffee does for your body in the morning, think of what your skin on caffeine can do. It helps get rid of puffiness caused by lack of sleep, the stress from staring at a screen all day (guilty as charged), and the dullness and discoloration caused by slow blood flow.

3. They exfoliate the correct way

If you've ever rubbed harsh exfoliators under your eyes...well, you need to repent. Your under eyes are far too sensitive to be exfoliated by most manual methods. Our eye patches contain gentle, natural exfoliators found in lemons, grapefruits, oranges, kiwis, apples, and grapes. That allows the bright, healthy skin underneath to show and encourages healthy circulation.

4. They help smooth away wrinkles

Our eye patches also feature collagen, and if you're not new to the skincare circle, you know how important collagen is to help your skin look supple and young. Collagen helps skin looks plumper, younger, and healthier. And it's easy as wearing an eye patch.

Need more incentive to try eye patches? They're also phenomenally at making you feel rested and less stressed. And, frankly, with the state of things, we could all use a little destressing.