2021: A Year of Innovation

2021: A Year of Innovation

We’re looking back at this momentous year by celebrating all of our new products from 2021. 

At Soon Skincare, everything we do is for the health of your skin. This year, we’ve launched some of our most exciting products yet. They’ve quickly become customer favorites and as you’ve shared your stories with us, we’re glad to see you love them for all the same reasons we do. We’re looking back at this momentous year by celebrating all of our new products from 2021. 


Protect against environmental damage.

One first new product this year is a standout and customer favorite. Phoenix 15% Vitamin C + E Serum harnesses the power of L-ascorbic acid, tocopherol and ferulic acid to deliver highly stable vitamin C into the skin. Tocopherol and ferulic acid assist in stabilizing L-ascorbic acid while also providing antioxidant protection, skin brightening and light hydration. This powerhouse formula evens skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reverses cellular damaged caused by UVA and UVB rays. Skin is strengthened and protected from free radical damage. Phoenix 15% Vitamin C + E Serum gives the skin new life.


Spot-treat breakouts.

Our Magnesium Hydrocolloid Acne Patches were a true Korean skincare innovation. Acne patches are all the rage these days and for good reason. The patch helps trap breakout-fighting ingredients in the pore to fight pimples. But our formulation is the only acne patch you’ll find pairing hydrocolloid, magnesium and magnesium oxide.

Just three ingredients make up this super simple, highly effective formula. Hydrocolloid is part of the patch and helps pull toxins and puss from the pore, drying out the breakout and assisting healing. Magnesium soothes the skin while breaking down oil and bacteria, and magnesium oxide absorbs excess liquids and balances the pH levels of the skin.

Packaged with 24 patches in two different sizes, the Magnesium Hydrocolloid Acne Patches quickly dry out even the toughest breakouts.


Protect against sun damage.

This year, we were so excited to launch our first broad spectrum SPFs. Our founders are steadfast in their belief that broad spectrum SPF is an essential step—every single day of the year. Clear Day Broad Spectrum SPF 50 quickly become a favorite. Formulated as an SPF stick, this formula glides easily onto the skin, leaves it with a gorgeous glow and won’t melt even in a hot care. It provides superior sun protection.

All Day Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is another daily SPF that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and environmental pollution. This non-sticky lotion formula is boosted with vitamins C and E, and shields from fluorescent, blue and damaging infrared lights, including those from electronics and screen time.


Effectively exfoliate.

Our first non-sheet mask, the Pumpkin Enzyme Resurfacing Mask is something special. Pumpkin enzymes gently exfoliate, polish and resurface the skin to dissolve and wipe away dull, dead skin cells. This formula is designed to increase cell turnover which allows essential serums that follow to penetrate the skin more effectively and get more bang for your buck. This wash-off mask formulation reveals brighter, smoother and more even skin.


Tighten aging skin and minimize enlarged pores.

Sheet masks are our thing. We love them and they’re a Korean skincare staple. So we decided to end the year on a high-note and add to our suite of sheet masks with the Modu Regenerating Face Mask. This biocellulose mask holds up to 100 times its dry weight in serums and hydrating ingredients. This formulation increases cell turnover and minimizes the visible signs of aging with chaga extract. Betaine and peptides tighten and firm the skin, while shitake extract reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, brightens the skin and softens fine lines. The sheet hugs the skin perfectly for an easy fit and enjoyable experience.

This year has been the best yet in our company’s history when it comes to innovating highly effective and customer favorite products. And the reason we can do it is because of you. We look forward to another year and are so excited to show you what we have in the works.