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Bridesmaid Bags

Bridesmaid Bags
Being a bridesmaid is a lot of work. From being an emotional anchor to navigating bridal gown meltdowns, their job is big and tough and totally unpaid. We've seen a ton of bridesmaid gifts in our day, and they range from the adorable to the disposable, so that made us think. What if bridesmaid presents could be cute, thoughtful, and functional? After all, your bridesmaids are going to be prominently featured in all your photos, so it would be great for them to have radiant skin.
We're pleased to announce three different ways to customize gorgeous bridesmaids gifts for your girls. These are perfect for having a spa bachelorette party or just having on hand as a thank you for a job well done.
Empty Bridesmaid Bag–Choose from a seriously adorable white glitter or pink glitter. This bag is great when you want to customize your ladies' gifts. We recommend filling it with the big day necessities—waterproof mascara, tissues, bobby pins, mints, deodorant, etc. For a little extra fun, throw in a higher-end surprise like a fun custom necklace or a pair of diamond earrings.
Leading Ladies Bridesmaid Bag–This version of our bridesmaids bag comes pre-filled with your choice of eye mask and lip mask. Plus, it comes with a Tidy Tresses Headband, so your ladies can get their skincare on without their hair getting in on the fun.
Dream Team Bridesmaid Bag– Your choice of either the glittery pink or glittery white bridesmaid bag plus your choice of eye mask, lip mask, and face mask. Plus, it also comes with a Tidy Tresses Headband.
We're so thrilled for these bridesmaids bags and think they're such a great idea! Plus, the last thing you want to do during your wedding planning is think about bridesmaids gifts: that's why we made them super easy. It's the best way to make your big day even better!
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    Jennifer Diffley