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Men's Skin Stages

Men's Skin Stages

This Sunday is Father’s Day. We’re firmly aware “dad bod” is a thing but what about dad skin? While men’s and women’s skin differ slightly, aging happens to us all. Men’s skin has more androgens (testosterone) and thus thicker, tougher, and produces more collagen and oil than women’s skin. As a result, men’s skin ages slower and acne lasts longer than in women. Men exfoliate more often (due to shaving) but also tend to apply sunscreen less often.  

Even with different skin properties, a completely different set of products isn’t necessary. Soon’s masks are just as effective to men’s skin as women’s. Here are tips for how men can keep up with skincare as they age and the perfect Soon solution for the concern.


Protection at this stage is key. Apply sunscreen every day to avoid sun damage. Oil production may be carried over from adolescence so it’s important to incorporate salicylic acid to keep skin clear.

Solution: Micro-hole Hydrating Face Mask has hyaluronic acid for hydration, collagen for skin plumping, pore reducing niacinamide, free radical fighting raspberry ketones, to keep skin balanced.


Cell turnover and collagen production slow down so incorporate products with retinol or hyaluronic acid to help with moisture retention and cell renewal.

Solution: Biocellulose Anti-Aging Face Mask’s powerful ingredients hydrating Hyaluronic acid, skin tightening collage, free-radical fighting raspberry ketones, anti-wrinkle adenosine, and brightening and evening niacinamide to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.  


Repair and prevent accumulated skin damage by incorporating products with vitamin C before applying sunscreen. New sun damage, skin spots, pigmentation issues, and irregular texture can be combated by vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant properties.

Solution: Biocellulose Firming Face Mask includes gingko for high vitamin C and A content, omega 3 fatty acid rich purslane, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant white mulberry, fig, and pomegranate for ultra firming and excellent tone and texture.   


Cell renewal slows down and excess dead skin cells can create a dry and dull complexion. Hydrate and regenerate with heavier moisturizers and alpha hydroxy acids to help keep skin dewy and bright.

Solution: Biocellulose Brightening Face Mask has arbutin that slows melanin production (which cause dark spots and discoloration), niacinamide to treat dull uneven patches, adenosine anti-wrinkle benefits, and hyaluronic acid to plump, hydrate, and keep skin healthy.


Skin is thinner, drier, and thus more easily irritated, susceptible to skin infections, or slower to heal.

Solution: Micro-hole Hydrogel Collagen Face Mask contains amino acid-rich collagen, free radical fighting raspberry ketones, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory aloe vera, and super moisturizing rose extract to help alleviate pain and heal skin.
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