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Skin Concern: Dark Spots

Skin Concern: Dark Spots

For better or worse, skin changes throughout your life. You may deal with certain problems and issues perpetually or for certain times and seasons. We are examining various skin concerns you may have, what they are and what to do about them.

Dark spots appear anytime in your life but most likely somewhere in middle age. They develop as a result of skin exposure to sun. Dark spots may be associated with skin conditions, hyperpigmentation, age spots, or side effects of medication. They usually occur on places with frequent sun exposure such as the face, hands, arms, shoulders, and back as a result of free radical damage or an excess concentration of melanin. A dermatologist can diagnose the potential source of the dark spots but if they are flat and the same texture of your skin, they usually don’t indicate a health risk. 


Oftentimes, people want to diminish or remove dark spots for cosmetic purposes. Doctors may remove them via laser treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, cryo treatments, and hydroquinone cream (bleaching). However, there are at home methods to reduce and prevent dark spots from forming. At home prevention is as simple as wearing spf or protective clothing/hats to limit sun exposure and limit the hours of peak UV exposure (10am to 2pm). 


There are various over the counter products that help diminish and prevent dark spots. Seek out products that help prevent free radical damage and formation of dark spots such as alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid, and retinoids, or contain Vitamins C & E. Often products with these ingredients can cause redness and skin irritation and make skin more sensitive to sun exposure so double down on the SPF.


Our Biocellulose Anti-Aging Face Mask and Biocellulose Brightening Face Mask are a welcome addition to treating your dark spots. Both have free radical fighting ingredients like Niacinamide to even the complexion, Arbutin to slow melanin production, and Raspberry Ketones to fight free radicals. They also contain ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin smoothing adenosine which make them a gentle alternative to or along with other harsher treatments. You could say they’re a bright spot of the dark spot treatments.

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