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Skin Terms: Natural Ingredients

Skin Terms: Natural Ingredients
We're all trying to shift to a greener lifestyle, but knowing how to find products that are healthy for your skin, home, and family is a lot more difficult than it seems. That's because manufacturers are notorious for cutting corners in pursuit of profit, and they often have no troubles misleading the public into thinking that products are healthier than they are. In our skin term series, our aim is to define and explain common skincare words that are used on products so you can make better purchasing decisions and better protect your skin.
You'll see the term "natural ingredients" on many skincare products. According to the FDA, natural ingredients are, “ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically.” They are typically grown in an ecological manner, which means they're not exposed to pesticides or petrochemicals, and are harvested without the aid of chemicals. Natural ingredients don't contain synthetic preservatives, dyes, or flavoring. 
Natural ingredients are essentially "pure" ingredients that haven't been messed with. But just because a product contains natural ingredients doesn't mean that it contains only natural ingredients. If you want the purest skincare, look for wording that says "contains all natural ingredients." It's always a good idea to check the ingredients list. Soon Skincare uses natural ingredients because we believe nature has the answer to beautiful skin. You can trust that, when you use Soon Skincare, you're using pure, natural ingredients.