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Two Steps to Hydrate and Protect Hands All Day

Two Steps to Hydrate and Protect Hands All Day

The old adage that hands reveal your true age is totally correct—but it doesn't have to be. Start caring for your hands, and you'll see softer skin that's less susceptible to signs of wrinkles and is better able to protect against the effects of sun, soap, and environmental stressors.

Here are two easy steps to keeping your hands deeply hydrated while also making sure they keep you protected from germs throughout the day.

Step 1: Hydrate

If you've been diligently washing your hands for 30 seconds with soap and water, you've likely noticed that your skin is feeling dry. You may even notice your hands are cracking or even bleeding. That's because hands take an incredible amount of abuse throughout the day, and the constant washing means they're routinely stripped of the natural oils that keep them hydrated and healthy.

And while you may be slathering lotion on to combat that drying, lotion only affects the top layer of skin. For long-term hydration, turn to Shea Butter Hand Masks. These potent masks are formulated to:

- Hydrate with shea butter

- Improve sun damaged skin with green tea extract

- Fight inflammation with tea tree leaf

- Improve skin elasticity with ginger

- Improve firmness with kiwi extract

Since hand masks contain serum formulated to penetrate past the first layer of skin, they're able to affect greater change. In a clinical study, 94% of participants reported their skin had greatly improved and was much less dry and flaky.

Step 2: Protect

To keep your hands hydrated throughout the day while combating germs while you're on the go, turn to a sanitizer that doesn't dry your skin. The Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer is formulated with aloe to prevent drying, which means your hands can stay hydrated no matter how often they're sanitized.

And instead of a clinical smell, the Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer features a light grapefruit scent. It's a beautiful combination of a skin treatment and a sanitizer, which means you'll be much more likely to use it throughout your day. And to encourage taking it with you wherever you go, the Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer was designed with a no-spill cap that can survive endless trips in the purse or car.

Keeping your hands healthy and hydrated means you'll feel happier knowing you're helping your skin and combats germs at the same time.