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What Makes Our Hand Sanitizer Different

What Makes Our Hand Sanitizer Different

Hand sanitizer seems straightforward. But you’ve likely noticed how difficult it is to find a hand sanitizer that works well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling rough and dry. And that’s a problem because hand sanitizer is extremely important for keeping you and your family safe, but if you hate the sand sanitizer you have, you’re less likely to use it.

The new Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer is about to become your new favorite sidekick. Here’s why:


If you hold your breath while you spray sanitizer on your hands, we feel you. So many sanitizers have such an off-putting, overpowering alcohol odor that your hands end up smelling like they’ve lost a fight with a bottle of vodka.

The difference: The Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer leaves your hands with the light scent of grapefruit. No clinical smell, no chemical odor—just an uplifting kiss of grapefruit that’s a great incentive to sanitize throughout the day.


Most hand sanitizers leave your hands feeling rough and dry because they strip the natural oils from your hands as they kill germs. Combine that with your handwashing hygiene, and you may feel your hands are constantly dehydrated, cracked, and even painful.

The difference: The Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer is formulated with aloe to hydrate hands and help heal cracked skin every time you sanitize. No rough skin, no ruining your skin barrier—just sanitization and hydration in one.


Obviously the most important part of a hand sanitizer is how well it kills the germs on your hands. That germ-killing feature is crucial for keeping you healthy, but some sanitizers on the market that don't meet FDA standards. That can leave you under-sanitized.

The difference: The Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer is FDA certified to kill 99.9% of germs. It's safe, effective, and is perfect for keeping your hands hygienic. 


Runny hand sanitizer is a pain. Spray sanitizers get everywhere. Sanitizing wipes are awful for the environment. Hand sanitizers need to go anywhere you do, but most aren't designed to travel well. 

The difference: We designed the Never Too Soon Hand Sanitizer with a no-spill cap and a to-go design that's perfect for popping in your car or purse. And it features a gel formula that stays put and doesn't make a mess.

A better hand sanitizer means you're more likely to sanitize more often, and that's the best bet for keeping you and everyone around you safe and healthy.